Plan B Pianos,LLC History

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Ray L. Wheeler

Ray L. Wheeler

Plan B Pianos, LLC was founded in 2006 by Ray Wheeler and Pete Wilson. As long time Professional Piano entertainers, the need arose for a well built, Portable Piano Shell. So very enthusiastically Ray and Pete set out to invent the perfect Piano Shell! Ray & Pete developed creative new features that every player would have wanted incorporated into a piano shell, then meticulously they proceeded to design and build these features into many very innovative products! It took a lot of research and development but after a short time the most lightweight, functional and technically advanced Piano Shell on earth was created!

It was at this point Ray and Pete created Plan B Pianos, LLC and decided to patent their new ideas, and very innovative products! After a long, valuable lesson in the patent process, Ray and Pete were awarded their patent in 2009 – Patent # US 7,479,591 B2

By the time the patent was awarded Plan B Pianos had grown into a viable company with Clients and Sales Nationwide and Internationally!

Plan B Pianos, LLC continues to be innovative in its development of all of the products we manufacture and Plan B Pianos continues to grow! In 2014, Plan B Pianos, LLC purchased its own CNC machine and now designs and builds everything in house! This allows us to provide the lowest cost and quickest delivery!

Plan B Pianos, LLC and Ray L. Wheeler are very grateful to the hundreds of our friends/customers along the way who helped make a dream come true!

Thank you!