A Plan B Piano Shell is the Best Option!

Please Check out all of the Benefits of Owning any Plan B Piano Shell!
  • Plan B Piano shells are the most Lightweight and Affordable in the World!
  • All VIP Clients make more Money and Perform Better using Plan B Piano Shell!
  • Your Professional Image as a Performer is Greatly Enhanced!
  • At Plan B Pianos our VIP Clients Benefit from the Power to choose the Size, Color & Style of their Piano Shell!
  • Piano Shells set up Quickly and are Easy to move!
  • Our Piano Shells are so Technologically Advanced that they are Patented!
  • No Tuning Required!
  • 88 Key Digital Stage Pianos Sound Quality continues to increase! The Cost of quality 88 Key Digital Stage Pianos continue to Decrease!
  • Players will always want to Upgrade their older Keyboards as they Grow Musically! Plan B Pianos is the  Permanente Solution to this Problem!
  • The Portability and Functionality of a Plan B Piano Shell make it a Perfect Alternative to owning an Acoustic Piano!
  • You will Benefit from the Performance and Recording Power that Digital Pianos now possess!
  • You will have the ability to Perform utilizing hundreds of different, Piano, Synth, Band and Orchestral Sounds!
  • Inexpensive Teaching & Recording Software makes Learning to Play Easy, Fun and Affordable!
  • Acoustic Upright and Traditional Baby Grand Pianos are not Practical!
  • Traditional Acoustic Pianos are very heavy and Expensive to Move!
  • Another Huge Benefit is “Volume Control”
  • Acoustic Pianos must be Tuned and that is Expensive!
  • Plan B Piano Shells leads the way for your Generation!