2′ Micro Grand Piano Shells

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Plan B Pianos offers a Very Portable & Affordable 2′ Micro Piano Shell!

The Dimensions on this 2.0′ Micro Grand Piano Shell are 60″ wide x 24″ Long x 14″ Deep!

These Piano Shells weigh only 38lbs! They are very easy to move and will fit in any Vehicle!

The Keyboard Tray on this Piano Shell is 58″ Wide x 23″ Deep! This Piano Shell will accommodate any Keyboard!

At Plan B Pianos you can order any Color, Texture or Wood Grain Piano Shell! Enhance your Décor!

Our 2.0′ Micro Grand has all the features of our larger Grand Piano Shells!  Yet this 2.0′ Piano Shell still reflects a Modern Style with Elegance! It only takes up the space of a Classic Upright Piano!

Many Performers Love this Piano Shell for the ease of use!  The 2.0′ Micro Piano Shell is also perfect for your Apartment or Music Room!

Check out our Options page to learn about accessorizing your new 2.0′ Micro Grand Piano Shell!