3.5′ Mini Grand Piano Shells

Call (602) 550-8274 or request a Quick Quote today for information on your personally designed 3.5′ Mini Grand Piano Shell! These Piano Shells are very Portable and will fit into any SUV!

Check out Plan B Pianos 3.5′ Mini Grand Piano Shells! They are perfect for Players who are limited in space!

Our 3.5′ Mini Grand Piano Shell weighs only 52lbs! They are very easy to move!

The Dimensions on this Piano Shell are 60″ Wide x 42″ Long x 14″ Deep!

The Standard Keyboard Tray is 56″ wide x 22″Deep. We can make your Tray up to 57.5″ Wide!

At Plan B Pianos you can Order any Color, Texture or Wood Grain Piano Shell! Compliment your Décor!

This 3.5′ Piano Shell is small enough to fit in any Home or Apartment! Small Stages are no problem either!

Plan B Pianos offers you a choice in Dashboard options! The “Modern Style” Dashboard acts as a Music Stand and Protects your Keyboard! The “Classic Style” Dashboard mimics the look of a Traditional Grand Piano!

At Plan B you also have your choice of Piano Legs Options! The “Pro Style” Legs are very sturdy! They also go on and come off in less than 2 minutes! The “Home Style” Piano Legs mimic the look of a Traditional Grand Piano!

Please review our Options page for additional information!