Plan B Piano Shells History

Plan B Pianos, LLC  was founded in 2006 by Ray L. Wheeler and has a Bright & Colorful History!

As a Recording Artist and long time Professional Piano Entertainer, I often needed a Piano Shell. So very enthusiastically I set out to invent the perfect Piano Shell!

I used my extensive experience to Create a new Functional Piano Shell utilizing Features that every player desires. It took meticulous Hard Work, Trial & Error but then I proceeded to incorporate these Innovative Features into all of our Piano Shells!

After a lot of Research and Development the most Lightweight, Functional and Technically advanced Piano Shell on Earth was created!

It was at this point Plan B Pianos, LLC  decided to Patent their new ideas, and very Innovative Piano Shell Products. By the time U.S. Patent #7,479,591 B2 was awarded Plan B Pianos had grown into a viable company.

Plan B Piano Shells has Hundreds of Clients, Nationwide and Internationally!

Plan B Pianos, LLC continues to be Innovative in its development of all of the products we Manufacture and New Products will be coming on line soon.

In 2014, Plan B Pianos, LLC purchased its own CNC machine and now does all Custom 3D CAD Designs and Builds everything in House. Our ability to Customize our Piano Shells and related Products has became endless. This has allowed us to Service our growing Client list in very creative ways!

Due to the efficiency of Plan B Pianos, we are able to provide the Lowest Cost and Quickest Delivery for Piano Shells the Market.

Plan B is proud of the Products we Manufacture and our Customer Service. We stand behind every Product we build!

Plan B Piano Shells, LLC and Ray L. Wheeler are very grateful to bring Piano Shells to the Market for over 12 Years! To all of our Clients, Customers and Friends along the way who helped make a Dream come true……Thank you very much!

Ray L. Wheeler

Ray L. Wheeler

Plan B Piano Shells, LLC Owner and Founder