Modern Style Dashboards

Our Functional “Modern Style” Dashboard is designed to act as a Music Stand for any IPAD, Notebook or Sheet Music.

The Modern Style Dashboard is also designed to protect your Expensive Keyboard from Spills.

The Design of this Modern Style Dashboard is perfect for organizing your Request.

This Design Option also gives you complete access to the inside of your Piano Shell.

Our Modern Style Dashboard is Perfect for Professional Performers or Your Home!

Classic Style Dashboards

Plan B Pianos “Classic Style” Dashboards are very Traditional and Elegant.

The Classic Style Dashboard mimics the look of a Traditional Baby Grand Piano.

Classic Style Piano Shells are Lighter than our Modern Piano Shells.

If your Keyboard utilizes a Screen on Board The Classic Style Dashboard will work Perfectly for you.

Our Classic Style Dashboard allows you to Utilize the Music Sheet Stand that came with your Keyboard.