4’ Petite Grand Piano Shells

The Plan B 4′ Piano Shells are Affordable, Lightweight and very Portable.

The 4′ Petite Grand maintains the Beautiful “Harp” Shape of a Traditional 5′ Baby Grand.

Advertise your Business, Website or Compliment any Decor.

Plan B Piano Shell Design Options allows you to be Creative and really make a Statement.

Plan B Pianos 4′ Piano Shells are Perfect for any Small room or limited Stage space.

These Elegant Piano Shells will fit into most SUV’s.

  • The Dimensions on the 4′ Petite Grand are 60″ Wide X 48″ Long X 14″ Deep
  • Maintains the “Harp” Shape of a Real Acoustic Piano.
  • Our Standard Keyboard tray is 56″ wide x 22″ Deep. We can make your Tray up to 57.5″ Wide!
  • 4′ Petite Grand Weighs only 75lbs.