4’ Petite Grand Piano Shells

The Plan B 4′ Piano Shells are Affordable, Lightweight and very Portable.

Our Petite Grand 4′ Piano Shell only weighs 75 pounds with legs on.

The 4′ Petite Grand maintains the Beautiful “Harp” Shape of a Traditional 5′ Baby Grand.

Advertise your Business, Make a Statement or Compliment your Personal Decor.

Custom Piano Shells are our Specialty, Please ask about your ideas.

Plan B Design Options allows you to be Creative.

Plan B Pianos 4′ Piano Shells are Perfect for any Small room or limited Stage space.

These Elegant Piano Shells will fit into most SUV’s.

Customize your 4′ Petite Grand Piano Shell and Really make a Professional Statement.

  • The Dimensions on the 4′ Petite Grand are 60″ Wide X 48″ Long X 14″ Deep
  • Maintains the “Harp” Shape of a Real Acoustic Piano.
  • Our Standard Keyboard tray is 56″ wide x 22″ Deep. We can make your Tray up to 57.5″ Wide!
  • 4′ Petite Grand Weighs only 75lbs.