Classic Style Piano Shell Legs

Plan B Pianos ” Classic Style” Piano Shell Legs reflect Classic Elegance.

Plan B Pianos “Classic Style” legs possess the Beautiful Traditional look of a Classic Acoustic Piano.

We have Incorporated this Patented Design Option to achieve this look in a Piano Shell.

The “Classic Style” Piano Shell legs Easily Install within Minutes.

The Plan B Pianos Home Style Legs are very Sturdy, Elegant and Perfect for any Environment.

Pro Style Piano Shell Legs

Our “Pro Style” Piano Shell legs are a Modern Design and Very Sturdy.

We use a “Pipe & Flange” system and Incorporate a Modern Faux Leg design.

The “Pro Style” Leg is easy to use and only takes 45 seconds to put on or take off. No Tools Required.

These “Pro Style” legs are a must have for any Night Club, Restaurant, Touring Pro or Production Company.