Piano Shell Bundles

Combining any Plan B Piano Shell with an 88 Key digital Stage Piano, IPAD, Notebook or Computer and some inexpensive software becomes a Magical Musical entertainment system! You will be able to incorporate all of the latest technology and have an unlimited number of features and functions! Below we listed some excellent technology options and products you can incorporate into your own, personally designed Plan B Piano shell! Please request your Quick Quote today for all pricing information. We look forward to hearing from you!

The education Bundle is designed to help children as young as 3 to the young at 103! A must have to keep your child’s interest!

This bundle consist of any size Plan B Piano Shell an 88-key digital piano, IPAD, Notebook, Computer, Piano Wizard Software, Chord method software and let the learning with ease begin!

With this entry level bundle, Customers can obtain an inexpensive Plan B Piano Shell that will teach young beginners the names of the keys and the notes on the staff! This is achieved by using a video game that has children love playing and the melody to their favorite songs! Chord method software can teach beginners how to play along with their favorite songs and even write their own music!

The Plan B Pianos Home Entertainment bundle is designed for those Piano Shell owners that want to listen to music when they’re not playing!

By combining any Plan B Piano Shell with a 88-key digital piano, IPAD, Notebook, Computer, mid-level computer speakers you can enjoy all of your favorite music and learn the songs as you play along!

Customers not only get fantastic sounds from their Digital Piano, they also can play DVDs, CDs, MP3s, or video and music right from the internet with home-theater sound quality!

This Plan B Piano Shell bundle was designed for all you Karaoke singers, Students, and Professional Vocalists!

This bundle consist of any Plan B Piano Shell, an 88-key digital piano, IPAD, Note book or Computer, Pro level audio system and Speakers and See and Sing software!

Utilizing your favorite Media Player, the whole family can sing along to thousands of free Karaoke versions of their favorite songs.! For the serious vocalist, See and Sing software helps students develop pitch, tone, and timing with easy to use software that records and analyzes their vocals to show them when they are flat, sharp, or pitch-perfect. You will also build up your ability to play piano and sing!

This Plan B Piano Shell bundle is designed for Musicians who want to write and record their own music!

This bundle consist of any Plan B Piano Shell an 88-key Digital Piano, IPAD, Notebook or Computer, Mid level computer speakers with sub woofer, Cakewalk Home Studio or Pro Tools!

Recording/Sequencing software for amateur and professional musicians allows the user to create complete recordings in their own home. Inexpensive software, like Cakewalk Home Studio, is perfect for the home user who wants recording software that is powerful, yet easy to use. Pro Tools gives the experienced home recording artist the same software used by many of the top recording studios today. Both allow the composer to record, edit, and mix multi-track recordings; plus burn their songs to CD or save them as MP3 files that can be emailed to friends and family right from their piano!

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