Upright & Hammond B3 Custom Piano Shells

At Plan B Piano Shells you have Multiple Options for an Upright Piano Shell!

36″ Tall Spinet Style Upright Shell.

36″ Tall “Folding” Upright Shell to use with an “X” Stand.

40″ Tall Mid Height Piano Shell.

48″ Tall Classic Height Upright Shell.

Hammond B3 Replica Piano Shell.

All of our Upright Models are versatile and can accommodate any personal need or request. Please let us know what you have in mind!

You can implement, Speakers, Notebooks, Audio Components or Monitors.

Performers now have the Option for a “Folding Upright” to use with an “X’ Stand.  This unit goes anywhere and is very lightweight. It fits into any Vehicle.

The Latest Edition is the Hammond B3 Replica! Check it out!

At Plan B Pianos you can order any Color, Texture or Wood Grain Upright Piano Shell to Enhance any Décor.

  • The Dimensions on Our Upright Models start at 36″ Tall X 60″ Wide X 24″ Deep
  • Internal Shelves
  • Ask about our Lightweight, Portable and Inexpensive “Folding Upright” for an “X” Stand.
  • Ability to Completely Customize.
  • Install a Monitor or Speakers.
  • The weight of our Folding Upright Piano Shells starts at 58lbs